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2011 Workforce Awards

2011 Business Workforce Awards Winners: Richardson Sport and Cap Company, Emerald Valley High Performance Enterprise Consortium, Life Technologies, Oregon Community Credit Union.

Business Services

As a leader in addressing workforce issues, the Lane Workforce Partnership created WorkSource Lane, the service delivery system designed to assist employers and job seekers.  Workforce Lane is dedicated to assisting employers recruit and retain employees and to helping individuals learn new skills, find employment and progress in their careers.

We help create workforce solutions. Here’s some of what we can do for you:

Recruit, screen, test and refer applicants.

With an applicant pool of over 10,000, we can help you fill positions from entry level to executive. Using services such as targeted job fairs, we can save you time and money by matching the right people to the right job. In addition, we test applicants on their computer skills (MS Word, Word Perfect, Excel and others). We also offer a place for businesses to conduct interviews.

Rapid Response for layoffs or closures

Rapid Response services is designed to respond to Lane County businesses experiencing layoffs or company closure.  Services are provided at no cost to employers or their employees.  Click here for more information on Rapid Response services.

Consult on workforce needs

We listen to your workforce needs and work with you to find the resources to address those needs, e.g., upgrade the skills of current and future workforce to improve productivity and position businesses to be globally competitive.

Broker of workforce information

We are your source for information on what’s happening in  the labor market, locally and state-wide.  We have access to information on employer tax credits, industry trends, wage nd salary data, employment statistics, employment and training providers, etc.

WorkSource Lane partners include:

Let us assist you with your workforce needs. Contact us at 541-686-7736.